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Taken from a vehicle parked in front of the old Royal Bank on George St. in Sydney

If found please contact the police and the webmaster (small reward offered)

Motorola MicroTAC DPC550 "Flip Phone" w/Motorola Battery Pack

  • Light grey case w/green display (Cantel/AT&T colors)
  • Physical Serial # A23GVV3L90
  • Electronic Serial # D44AE921

One pair of prescription sunglasses, dark grey lenses in chrome Custom Aviator frames.

One set of FORD (contact for model if you have information) user manuals and ownership plate in vinyl folder.

Items Wanted

All items should be in Good to New condition. Open to reasonable offers.


  • TV-OUT (NTSC) Module for a Matrox G200 AGP graphics card
  • Heath/Zenith Z-329 Monochrome card in good working order.(w/o docs OK)
  • Heath/Zenith Z-304 Serial card.(w/docs & preferably parallel port)
  • Heath/Zenith Z-319 Bit-Mapped Video Graphics card.(w/docs)
  • Service manual &/or schematics for Zenith ZVM-122, ZVM-124, and ZVM-1320 monitors.
  • REMOTE-ON unit to fit a Lockheed/GETEX GTX-100 modem.
  • Schematics for GTX-100 and REMOTE-ON unit.
  • Colour Kit for Epson EX-1000/800
  • Watchguard Firebox FB-100 (10.2) firewall in working condition preferably with power cord, rack ears and manual (newest model preferred)


  • Service Manual for Kenwood RZ-1 Scanning Receiver
  • Service Manual for Yaesu FT-757GXII HF Transceiver
  • Manual for Yaesu FP-757HD power supply
  • Yaesu FC-757AT automatic antenna tuner w/manual & cables
  • Yaesu FL-7000 linear amplifier w/manual & cables
  • Yaesu FRB-757 relay box w/manual
  • Yaesu FIF-232C computer interface w/manual
  • Heathkit SB-650 Frequency Display for SB-301.(w/manual)
  • Heathkit SB-600 Station Speaker
  • Kenwood SWC-1 for SW-2000 Power Meter(w/manual)
  • Kenwood SWC-2 for SW-2000 Power Meter(w/manual)
  • Kenwood SWC-4 for SW-2000 Power Meter(w/manual)
  • Ten Tec Crystal Calibrator to match Argonaut 509
  • Service manual for Kenwood SM-220 Station Scope & BS-8 panadapter
  • 2 Kenwood KB1 heavywight tuning knobs
  • Kenwood cable set for SM-220
  • Kenwood SM-220 extender feet (fit other Kenwood models)
  • New 6146B vacuum tubes
  • New 6146W vacuum tubes
  • New 572B vacuum tubes
  • New 12BY7A vacuum tubes
  • New 3-500Z vacuum tubes


  • Yellow mohair or mohair-like teddy bear, 14 to 16 inches tall, 1930-40 vintage. Pictures in advance if available prefered.
  • CD (prefered) or LP of "Rock vs Opera" by Dolly Deluxe, NABO label, NBCD-104
  • 45 rpm vinyl - "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Elvis Presley
  • 45 rpm vinyl - "Movie Magg" by Carl Perkins
  • LP vinyl - "Street Survivors" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (cover with flames prefered)

Masonic Emblem

Masonic (Blue Lodge) Items For Sale

Unless indicated otherwise all items are lightly used and in like new condition. Reasonable Offers Considered. Note: Apron has had previous owner's name removed though Initiation, Passing and Raising dates are still present but easily removed.

  • One Masonic Apron, white leather with royal blue trim, rosettes, gold colour buttons and tassles (need a bit of minor cleaning), metallic gold colour serpent hook closure, bordered in gold braid. In carrying case. $100 (photo)(case photo)

Books For Sale

Some items may have individual prices other than the category price. All items are in Good to New condition. Open to reasonable offers. Volume discounts available.

Trade Size Paperback Books

  • How to Tap Into 51 Secret Sources $5
  • A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking $1
  • Graduate Programs and Admissions Manual 1977-1979, Volume D, Social Sciences and Education $1

"Pulp" Serial Magazines

  • Sold Out

Paperback Books $1 each

  • Karen Harper "Dark Angel"
  • Diane Chamberlain "Kiss River"
  • Clive Cussler "Dugan"

Hardcover Books

  • Robert Graves "The Greek Myths" (Volumes I & II in slipcase) $20 - Brand New
  • Leather bound "The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds" $5

Readers Digest Select Editions (Hardcover) - $1 each or $10 for all

  • Sold Out

Service Manuals $5 each or $100 for all

  • Kenwood
    • KRC-310 Stereo Cassette Receiver
    • KR-V107R Audio-Video Stereo Receiver
    • KR-V127R Audio-Video Stereo Receiver
    • KA-128 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
    • KA-207 Stereo Control Amplifier
  • Toshiba
    • Color Television Models
      • CF906/CM906C
      • CF903/CF913/CX9403/CJ920C/CJ950C
      • CE910/CE910C
      • CF915/C1915M
      • CF1311J/CA1419
    • VCR Models
      • M-651/651C
      • M-657/M-658/M-658C
      • SV-950
      • SV-F990
  • Realistic
    • Portavision-6 5" B&W TV/AM/FM 16-120
    • TC-193 Cable Compatible 13" Color TV w/Remote 16-229
    • 13" Cable Compatible TV/Monitor w/Remote 16-232A

  • Sharp Color Television 19H74
  • GE 25" Color Televisions EM Chassis
  • NEC VCR N902U
  • Hitachi VCR VT-M120A
  • Panasonic VCR PV-S4864/PV-S4864K
  • Quasar Microwave Ovens MQ7797BW/MQ7787BW/MQ7767BW/MQ7757BW

Academic reprints and offprints - $3 for all

  • Bundle of 14 different papers on various subjects in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and Education.

CD's, LP's, 45's, 78's Cassettes, 8-Track, Videos, Movies For Sale

Some items may have individual prices other than the category price. All CD's are in like-new condition, most have been played no more than once, if at all, and are accidentaly purchased duplicates that weren't discovered until after the cellophane was removed (and so could not be returned). All other items are in Fair to New condition. Open to reasonable offers. Volume discounts available.


  • Sold Out


  • Dire Straits - The Best of Brothers in Arms $5

33rpm LP vinyl

  • Sold Out

45rpm vinyl

  • Sold Out

78rpm bakelite - $10 for all

  • Sold Out

CD's $5 each unless otherwise marked.

  • Various Artists "The Perfect Mix - All-Time Lounge Favorites" (4 disc set - due to a factory glitch there are two disc #1, and no disc #4) $10
  • Neil Young "Decade" (2 CD set) $10
  • Roy Orbison "The All-Time Greatest Hits, Volume I & II" (2 CD set) $10
  • Neil Young "Are You Passionate"
  • Bonnie Rait "Road Tested" (2 CD set) $10
  • Don Messer "Don Messer and His Islanders" (new, sealed) $10
  • Lena Horne "Stormy Weather" (new sealed) $10
  • Julian Austin "Back In Your Life" (new, sealed) $10
  • Eric Clapton "Clapton Chronicles - The Best of Eric Clapton"
  • Yanni "Reflections of Passion"
  • Glenn Miller "String of Pearls"
  • Various Artists "Grammy's Greatest Moments-Volume II"
  • The Andrews Sisters "50th Anniversary Collection - Volume One"
  • Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet" (disc excellent, case cracked)
  • Tommy Coomes Band "My Saviour's Love"

Cassette $0.25 each - $5 for all

  • Air Supply "Greatest Hits"
  • Billy Joel "Greatest Hits Volume 1 & Volume 2"
  • Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel"
  • Chicago "16"
  • Corey Hart "Boy In The Box"
  • Corey Hart "First Offense"
  • Earth, Wind & Fire "The Best Of .. Volume 1"
  • Gloria Estefan "Cuts Both Ways"
  • Huey Lewis and the News "Fore"
  • John Cougar "American Fool"
  • Kool & The Gang "Emergency"
  • Lionel Ritchie "Can't Slow Down" (3 copies available)
  • Madonna "Like a Virgin" (2 copies available)
  • Paula Abdul "Forever Your Girl" (2 copies available)
  • Paula Abdul "Shut Up And Dance"
  • Phil Collins "No Jacket Required" (2 copies available)
  • Pat Benetar "Crimes Of Passion"
  • Platinum Blonde "Standing In The Dark"
  • Platinum Blonde "Alien Shores"
  • Styx "Kilroy Was Here" (2 copies available)
  • Styx "The Grand Illusion"
  • U2 "The Unforgettable Fire"
  • U2 "The Joshua Tree"
  • Various Artists "Nightflight"

Computer, Radio & Electronics For Sale

Some items may have individual prices other than the category price. All items are in Good to New condition. Open to reasonable offers. Volume discounts available.


  • External Floppy Diskette Drive FD-356 for Laser computer (NOTE: condition unknown - untested) $5
  • Computer data tape (Scotch 700/6250CPI 2400'). (NEW) $25
  • Computer punch cards (beige). (NEW) - available in carton and case quantities $20/1000
  • Computer punch cards (green/pink/gold/blue) (NEW) - limited quantities $25/1000

Radio & Electronics

  • Plantronics Headset with 4-pin XLR type connector (Model MS50 Aviation Style, microphone only version) (NOTE: visually in good shape and working when removed from service but untested) $25
  • Panasonic Nuvicon Omnipro PK-957-C Video Camera (NOTE: condition unknown - some minor visible handgrip wiring damage, optics appear good - untested) $20
  • National Radio HRO Dial Plate with template. (NEW) (photo) $5
  • 4 Band coils for B&W Jr transmitter. (NEW, boxed) $10
  • Johnson Signal Sentry Audio Filter. Make Offer.
  • Miscellaneous restoration parts: used switch wafers, connectors, tube shields, selenium diodes/recitifiers (NEW & used), air variable capacitors, relays. Inquire for specific items. Make Offer.
  • Miscellaneous transformers and chokes. Inquire for specifics, Make Offer.
  • Miscellaneous vacuum tubes. (Inquire listing requirements) (NEW & used) $1 - $15

Knitted Goods, Crochet, other Craft Items For Sale

All knitting and crochet work is handcrafted - NO machine knitting. All items are NEW and unworn - price is per item unless otherwise indicated. Materials may be cotton, wool, synthetic or blends. Those with allergies please be sure to note same on any inquires. Some items may have individual prices other than the category price. All items are in Good to New condition. Open to reasonable offers. Volume discounts available.

Note: Scale/ruler that appears in some photos is 6 inches/15.24 centimetres in length.

Knitted Sweaters

  • Sold Out

Knitted Socks

  • Children's Socks with extra darning yarn (1 pair pink, 1 pair peach) $5/pair (photo)

Knitted Caps & Mittens

  • Winter Touques - one size fits most adults. $7/each (photo) - 4 available, 2 white 1 multi-colour, 1 rose and grey
  • Watch Caps - one size fits most adults. $5/each (photo) - 2 available, 2 dark green
  • Childs Bonnet, multicolour. $7 (photo)
  • Childs Bonnet, pink and white. $5 (photo)

Crochet Pot Holders $10.00/pair

  • Pink (pair)(photo) - 2 pair available
  • Variegated Pink (pair)(photo) - 2 pair available
  • Pink and Teal (pair)(photo)
  • Coral (pair)(photo)
  • Orange (pair)(photo)
  • Variegated Orange (pair)(photo)
  • Yellow (pair)(photo) - 2 pair available
  • Gold (pair)(photo)
  • Variegated Wine/Green (pair)(photo)
  • Pastel Multi-colour (pair)(photo)
  • Yellow - round (pair)(photo)
  • Red Poppy - round (pair)(photo)

Crochet Crosses (approx 3" x 4 1/2") $7.00/each

  • Photo of all crosses
  • Turquoise (2 available)
  • White
  • Yellow Varigeted
  • Green Varigeted (2 available)
  • Blue Varigeted (2 available)
  • Purple Varigeted (2 available)
  • Rose (2 available)
  • Gold

Crochet Doilies (various sizes) $20.00 each

Aprons with Needlepoint (fits most) $10.00/each

  • Black and white check w/black needlepoint (photo) - 4 available, 2 black waist, 2 self waist
  • Green and white check w/black needlepoint (photo)
  • Teal translucent with green and white check applique and waist w/black needlepoint (photo)
  • Red and white check w/white needlepoint (photo)
  • Red and white check w/red needlepoint (photo)

Crafts (miscellaneous)

  • Dishcloth "Bloomers" (photo) $5/each - 2 available , 1 blue, 1 brown

Miscellaneous Items For Sale

Some items may have individual prices other than the category price. All items are in Fair to New condition. Open to reasonable offers. Volume discounts available.


  • Vintage 1950's "Pygmy" Motif shot glasses (set of four) $5 (Photo)
  • Vintage 1950's Scenic motif shot glasses (set of five) $5 (Photo)
  • Garnet with Cubic Zirconia ring. Size 8 $25 (Photo)
  • Amethyst with Cubic Zirconia ring. Size 8 $15 (Photo)
  • Cubic Zirconia solitaire. Size 8 $10 (Photo)
  • One integrated stereo (tuner/dual cassette/turntable/3 cd changer/seperate speakers/remote). Asking $75
  • 1 pair men's suede Hush Puppy golf shoes, size 8 1/2 wide, with key/divot tool (worn once) $25
  • Pair of metal licence plate frames, chrome that read at the top "USMC" and at the bottom "I SERVED WITH PRIDE" between crest in yellow on red. Brand new, one still sealed in plastic. $15 for the pair. (Photo)
  • 2 sets of architectural blueprints house plans with materials lists. One 2-bedroom, one 3-bedroom floorplan. Asking $75 each or $100 for both.
  • One waffle iron, used twice - like new. Asking $10.
  • Two Bissell carpet sweepers. Asking $15 for both.
  • One small dog bed. Asking $15.
  • One puppy/toy dog carrier (cloth and foam not a crate/cage) $10.
  • One small dog sweater (new). Asking $5.
  • One med-large dog rain coat, like new. Asking $5.
  • One small-med dog rain coat, like new Asking $5.
  • Rake/dethatcher attachment for lawn mower (new) Asking $5.
  • 2 window roller blinds (light blocker), one gold, one orange, in good condition, 48-49" wide. $10 each.

  • One buffet warmer. used once - like new. Asking $10.
  • 12V Travel Iron $15
  • 12V Hand Mixer $15
  • 12V 2 cup Coffee Maker $20
  • Bread and bagel slicer. (New) $10
  • Michael C. Fina Miniature 'D' shaped mahaogony clock (New) $5
  • Michael C. Fina Miniature mantel mahaogony clock (New) $5
  • 2 Lennox Ivory China w/24k Gold trim Peaceful heart pins $2 each
  • Ladies zippered blue robe, white silver trim, size M (never worn) $10
  • Vintage Camera Case Leitz-Wetsler (Leica). $20 (Photo 1)(Photo 2)(Photo 3)(Photo 4)
  • Sanex Spraymate 16 Garden Sprayer. Complete, used once, like new. In box. $50
  • Two (2) 12 vdc fans. As new. $5 each
  • Hardwood carving board with integral no-shift spikes and drip grooves. Includes retention accessory. New, never used. $5
  • One pair men's Brooks racer (speed) ice skates size 8 1/2, $10.
  • One pair men's Bauer Black Panther hockey ice skates - like new worn once. Size 8 1/2-9. $25.
  • Nimitz Serenity Prayer plaque $1 (Photo)
  • Bread and bagel slicer. (New) $5


This page contains listings of those items which, from time to time, I have for sale, as well as items I am looking to acquire. All items for sale are either family made as a hobby, or from a family estate and represent personal sales; this is not a commercial venture. Note that this can sometimes be a long page.

All prices are in Canadian dollars and do NOT include packaging or shipping. Apologies but I am not equipped to accept payments online so payment is by cash (buyers are strongly advised against sending cash through the mail), certified/cashier's cheque, bank or postal money order only. Note: U.S.A. buyers - no green or custom money orders, only mainstream International Postal, Bank or American Express. Other international buyers please inquire. I reserve the right to wait until payment clears before shipping item(s).

Due to an unscrupulous individual's behaviour, unless otherwise indicated, all sales are final.

For your convenience the following is a link to the XE.com Personal Currency Assistant.

If you are interested in any item, or have something I am looking for, please drop me an e-mail at:

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