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ixquick Search Plugin

Version 1.0

I recently tried my hand at creating a search plugin for Mozilla/Firefox for the ixquick meta search engine. The newest version will also always be available here. Available for English and French. Note: This plugin is NOT based on the 2002 version by Matthew A. McGuigan but was coded from scratch before I became aware that Mr. McGuigan's version existed. This is therefore an original not derivative work.

English Plugin: ixquick Metasearch
English Icon: ixquick Icon (png)
Install: ixquick Metasearch (English)

Plugin Français: ixquick Métarecherche
Icon Français: ixquick Icon (png)
Install: ixquick Métarecherche (Français)

To manually install plugins, download and place files in the searchplugins directory and restart Mozilla/Firefox. To uninstall, simply delete the files and restart the browser.


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