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Last Updated: 01 January 2005 - 12:23

Privacy Policy

This Policy represents a complete and full disclosure of our information privacy practices.

The owner of this site embraces the fundamental principle that internet users have a clear expectation of information privacy when engaged in computer use in cyberspace. This site does not intend to violate that principle.

Information Collection

Visitors have their IP (Internet Protocol) address, HTTP referrer information and requested pages logged in plain text and/or SQL databases automatically by the web servers that store the web pages for this web site. Similarly, any FTP, SSH traffic is also logged. This system also logs the execution of binary and script programs.

A name and e-mail address are required to post comments in those sections of the site where such are available and/or when communicating with the website operator.

The owner of these pages may occasionally collect information from visitors for Award Applications, Surveys, Opt-in Mailing Lists and/or other similar activities. All such information will be solicited openly.

Various scripts and application program used on this site may use cookies (a small string of data stored by a visitor’s browser) to retain login and similar state data. Users may opt not to utilize this feature. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information and are not used for tracking purposes outside this site.

No other information is collected, compiled, or stored from any Internet user by this site without their consent.

Data Retention

Site logs may be used in aggregate form for traffic analysis or in the event of attempted attacks on this site. These files are generally retained for 90 days and then deleted. As this site is currently operated on servers provided by a third party, the site owner does NOT have exclusive access to these log files.

E-mail addresses such as those used for mailing lists are stored for the duration of the user’s subscription. They are deleted upon receipt of an request to unsubscribe from the list.

Information Distribution

No personal information received will be distributed in any manner. General information such as the URL of pages presented Awards, or collated survey results may be published on the web page but no personal information such as names, e-mail addresses, or physical addresses are so published unless permission is given to do so.

If required by duly constituted authority, such information as police or legal investigative body requires shall be released pursuant to the requirements of law.

Policy Changes

Any changes or alterations to our current privacy practice will be prominently displayed as a change in policy on this web site. If you do not consent to any further automatic logging of your visit to this web site, you must leave the web site now. Since most web sites automatically log web site visits as part of the current Internet protocol, we are unable to direct you to a more suitable web site.


Any inquiries, complaints or issues regarding this policy can be directed to the site owner via the contact page.

Service Usage

The following represents the Terms of Service under which you, the user, agree to in using this site and its services.

  • Any use or misuse of this site or its services for illegal activities will result in the reporting of same to the appropriate authority.
  • Misuse includes, but is not limited to, attempting to circumvent security features, alter access or content, use the site as a relay for such attempts elsewhere, send spam to the site or attempt to relay it through the site, portray the site and/or its contents or author in any disparaging, slanderous or libelous manner or medium whatsoever, hot-link images, plagiarize content or design in whole or in part. The definition as to what constitutes misuse is at the discretion of the site owner.
  • The operator of this site does not warrant services in any manner or for any purpose and may discontinue any service or portion thereof, temporarily or permanently, at any time and without notice.
  • The user indemnifies this site for any loss, expense or damage that may be attributed to using the services of said site.
  • Any comments posted on this site are copyrighted and belong to their writer’s. You do however, by posting a comment, grant this site the perpetual right to display said comments and to archive same.
  • Comments posted may not contain gratuitous profanity or obscenity
  • The user’s sole remedy for conflict resolution shall be cessation of use of this site and its services.
  • By using this site you affirm that you are of legal age and lawfully able to accept these terms and conditions.
  • If you are using the site on behalf of any entity, you affirm that you are authorized to accept these terms and conditions on such entity's behalf, and that such entity agrees to indemnify this site owner for violations of these terms and conditions.
  • All site policies, terms of service, and disclaimers maybe changed at any time, without notice.

Robots, Scrappers, Data Mining

The use of data-mining and/or extraction software or robots by any party that is not explicitly approved by the site owner is strictly forbidden. Any such activities directed at this site shall be regarded as malicious intrusion and data theft.This includes robots which disobey the directives in the robots.txt file.


Although care has been taken in preparing the information contained in these documents, I do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof. Content of pages not created by me remains solely the responsibility of their creators. Anyone viewing or using the information contained herein does so at their own risk and shall be deemed to indemnify this site and its owner and assigns from any and all inconvenience, discomfort, injury or damage arising from such viewing or use. Viewers are advised that the contents of this site may change or cease to exist without notice.

All copyright, service marks and trademarks remain the property of their legal holders. All graphics images are either used with the permission or guidelines of their copyright holders, under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act or are, as far as determined, free for use or in the public domain. Any owner of a copyrighted graphic used on this site who objects to its use may contact the webmaster by e-mail to request credit be posted or it be removed and, upon proof of ownership, the image will be removed forthwith with our apologies. Copyright of comments left on the system remains with the poster of the comments, however their posting grants this site permission to publish them in reference to the site content.

Unless expressly assented and agreed to by all parties, communications, other than these policy statements, involving this web site shall not create an enforceable contract by law or implication under any circumstances. However, this disclaimer shall not negate or impact any agreement so assented to and agreed to by any person through his or her decision to advance through the site or otherwise indicate their intentions to enter into a binding contract on-line or otherwise. None of the information located at this site or related sites by link or reference shall serve to directly or by implication create a client relationship between the person(s) or entity(s) referenced herein and any person(s) or entity(s) visiting this site for any reason and under any circumstance or situation.

These terms, including all its references, constitutes the entire agreement between this website and its owner, and any user of the website. It supersedes any previous or collateral discussions or correspondence such parties may have had.

In the event that any provision of these terms shall be found unenforceable by any competent court, the remainder of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.


By using this site you agree that all terms and clauses of this policy, and any actions arising therefrom, shall be interpreted, adjudicated and enforced under the laws and in the courts of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Site Policies

These constitute the site policies that apply to all web pages created by the author of and for the Caisteal Comraich (, Milner Manor, The Birches ( and The Yak Shack ( websites. Those pages which may be accessed via link to or from these sites, and written or maintained by other than the author, including but not limited to banner advertisements and affiliate program links, are not covered by these policies and therefore you visit these links at your own discretion and risk.

All site policies, terms of service, and disclaimers may be changed at any time, without notice.

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