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For those with multiple vehicles, especially vintage or sports cars, the end of autumn marks the time to prepare such vehicles for winter storage. Proper preparation can help ensure a worry free start-up come spring, and a longer life overall.

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Places to host a web site are plentiful, and good quality hosting can be had at reasonable prices from a plethora of firms. But often the space available, if you wish to host a large number of files is limited. There is a way, however, to obtain a large amount of storage space that shrinks and grows as you need it, and only pay for what you use.

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31. July 2012, 21:00 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

More and more people are renovating their homes and cottages every day. Some do the work themselves, while others chose to call in a professional contractor to do the job. Before you even collect the materials there are a few preliminaries that can save a whole lot of potential grief down the road.

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A friend asked me if I had ever heard of inflating a tire with gasoline. Well the answer is yes. But it isn't a wise thing to do.

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Jobs need to have elements that provide satisfaction (beyond their pay) to those doing them. Employees who feel unfulfilled in their work can be as serious a problem, if not more so, than inefficient methods and procedures. By giving people more freedom to do their jobs in the manner they would prefer (within reason), the more satisfaction they will gain from it, and the result to the employer is generally an overall increase in moral and the accompanying rise in productivity.

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Once again winter brings with it the necessity for many to fill their furnace oil tanks and burn an increasingly costly resource in order to keep their homes and organization’s buildings habitable in cooler/colder climates. Given the price of heating oil it is perhaps not surprising, though contemptible, that those with no scruples find profit in stealing it, sometimes by the tankful.

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In a day and age where unsolicited e-mail is a rampant problem, there are those who create and distribute some very interesting and useful opt-in e-mail newsletters and mailing lists. If you, or your organization is planning on starting such a newsletter, or even if you have one you would like to rejuvenate, the following tips should help you get started.

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The Web, in general, has the effect of helping level the playing field for businesses. A well designed website allows a small business to create an image, provide information and reach the on-line market as easily and effectively as a large corporation.

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People are increasingly connected to some information network or other, be it the office, at home, an airport lounge or your local coffee shop. With this increased connectivity comes increased risk.

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In this day and age of massive inexpensive hard drives high capacity optical disks and flash media an older option for backup is often overlooked; that is except among organizations that need very large scale archival storage. I’m talking about magnetic tape. Always somewhat out of the mind of consumers and small businesses, tape backup has long been a mainstay of archival storage for larger enterprises, organizations such as universities and research centres and government agencies and departments.

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If you're looking for something salacious (based on the article title) I’m sorry to disappoint you. The article title is the name of a drink / cocktail I created quite a few years ago (1997). The name is a bit of a private joke but is not otherwise related to sin (unless you happen to be one of those folks who regard alcohol consumption as sinful). I have had several people ask for the recipe so I decided to post it here. The recipe is fairly simple, like most good mixed drinks. Please share it with your friends just provide me due credit.

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For some people washing their vehicle can be a labour of love. For others a necessary evil. It either case a few basic tips can help make the most efficient use of your time and efforts.

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Almost all computer operating systems use some form of “swap file” (sometimes called a paging file) for aiding in memory management and speeding up certain operations. In some systems it is a separate partition on a hard disk drive, rather than a file within the file system.

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4. April 2010, 01:06 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

Messy desks can leak secrets. Working papers and items we use every day can give away secrets, divulge intellectual property, or negatively impinge our privacy and that of others if left laying about in plain view.

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Most criminals who do serious break and enter (as opposed to impulse crimes) will “case” the neighbourhood before they choose a residence to burglarize. The overwhelming first choice is an empty dwelling. Anything you can do to make your home occupied while you are away from it will help deter burglars. The following are some useful tips.

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30. December 2008, 20:16 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

While most average computer users never have a need, or desire, to play with or otherwise manipulate the partitions on their hard drive(s), those enthusiast users and computer professionals often have a need to do so. A great free tool can make this a painless operation. That free tool is GParted.

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24. June 2008, 00:27 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

Summer is once again upon us in the Northern hemisphere and with it elevated temperatures. While good for the beach and outdoor activities, it can be a major concern for data center operators. Air conditioning is a major concern at any time of the year but more so of an issue now as the outdoor ambient temperatures rise. There are some factors to take into account when providing cooling and maintaining stable operations as temperatures climb which can help alleviate much of the burden on power air conditioning and computer systems.

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While looking through some older whitepapers I came across a useful document for those using some of the various models of Cisco PIX firewall. Despite its age it is still useful.

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It is estimated that a laptop computer is stolen about once every 50-55 seconds. The odds of this happening to you are one in ten. Some common sense in managing your laptop can go a long way to reducing its vulnerability to theft and the resultant hassles.

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2. March 2008, 22:23 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

After a conversation with a friend about their loss of a client I thought it would make a good article. After all, retention of current customers is as important if not moreso than the acquisition of new clients.

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While network attacks are expected to rise in 2008, small businesses can protect themselves by implementing some practical steps.

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Anyone can make a camera using common household materials that will produce pictures . Making and using a pinhole camera will acquaint you with the basic elements of photography while providing an inexpensive and interesting way to take pictures.

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Composting is a simple way of converting organic waste into humus. This rich dark humus produced by micro-organisms is called compost. Composting produces a natural inexpensive (free) soil additive to help increase lawn, flower, tree and vegetable growth.

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To clean stains off stone you need to lift the contaminant with an appropriate chemical solvent and a powder poultice. When placed on a stain, the solvent dissolves the stain and the powder absorbs it away from the stone surface.

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Most wireless routers and access points are totally insecure out of the box. While fixing that situation only requires a few minutes, it is easy to become lost in the sometimes confusing options of the router’s management tool menus. To help ease the process, the following guide will help you secure your wireless network.

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Many on-line suppliers of music embedd DRM technology in their product which limits where you can play the content, and how often. Stripping this technology out of the content files by “cracking” the encryption is illegal in many places (notably the United States of America). One can often acheive the same ends in a legal manner by using the following procedure:

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24. November 2006, 16:50 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

If you have found yourself less than enamoured of the newest browser offering from Microsoft here is how to remove it.

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27. September 2006, 16:47 | by WD Milner | Full Article | Comments

Spammers harvest e-mail addresses wherever they can. Here are some of their techniques, and some tips to help alleviate the load on your in-box.

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The power and usefulness of good notation reaches beyond traditional programming languages. Regular expressions are one of the most broadly applicable specialized “languages”, a compact and expressive notational format for describing patterns of text. Besides being interesting from an algorithmic viewpoint, they are quite useful and , in their simpler forms, easy to implement.

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E-mail is so widespread as to be ubiquitous. It is the single, most used internet application. It helps businesses communicate, keeps families and friends in touch, and provides a reliable means for the transfer of information. When misused, however, it can be a nightmare, for users, administrators and companies (and this isn’t even considering spam). The following are some tips or e-mail “etiquette” to help keep e-mail useful and a big step towards making a safe mode of communication for individuals and companies.

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Occasionally one forgets passwords. This can be particuarly frustrating when it locks you out of editing your own site content. Her's how to reset your Textpattern administrator password if you forget it.

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Here are a couple of suggestion to help improve you chances of winning an eBay auction. While there are never any guarantees, a bit of forethought can improve your odds.

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It would be nice to be able to predict who will be successful, who clients will seek out and invest with and recommend to friends, who will still be around when the others have gone. Unfortuantely clairvoyance is a chancey thing. The following characteristics tend to be common amongst successful people and their businesses.

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Many people have been experiencing Firefox 1.5's penchant for using large amounts of memory. While some of this may be attributable to heavy and/or conflicting extension use, it has often affected those using no extensions at all. It may also be partially atributable to the prefetch and forward/back caching features used to speed up site display and navigation.

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As an experiment in reducing load times, and playing with CSS, I created text versions of the W3C validation buttons. While variations of this can be found on a number of websites, for one reason or another they didn't quite suit my needs so I created my own.

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The details collectible via on-line advertising and the various privacy concerns surrounding them have bene discussed extensively in mnay venues. These issues asside, most of these ads are just plain annoying. Whether they be banners, pop-ups or pup-unders, they all use bandwidth and get in the way. There are dozens of programs, free, shareware and commercial that can be used to block them, but there is another way that is siple, and involves only the use of a simple text editor.

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As one explores the World Wide Web one can't help but notice the corporate adn organizational sites that change layout based on the screen resolution used to view them. The best approach is to use Cascading Style Sheets and relative positioning to place elemetns in position regardless of the display size. However, this can sometimes be difficult when using fixed size elemetns such as graphics.

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When installing, managing and troubleshooting add-on PC cards it is important to understand how the system communicates with the cards in the expansion slots.

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