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For those with multiple vehicles, especially vintage or sports cars, the end of autumn marks the time to prepare such vehicles for winter storage. Proper preparation can help ensure a worry free start-up come spring, and a longer life overall. The following tips can help with your vehicles winter hibernation.

  • Take the car for a short drive to bring the engine fluids up to operating temperatures and burn off any condensation that may have formed in the engine and gearbox.
  • While out on the last run, stop and top off the fuel tank. This prevents extra air space in the tank which can lead to condensation and ultimately contamination of the gasoline and corrosion of the fuel system. If needed top of the tank from a can once in the garage.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer to help keep the gasoline fresh over winter.
  • Change oil and filter if it is close to its scheduled time.
  • If the engine uses a carburetor, disconnect the fuel line to the carburetor or the power to the fuel pump and run the engine until the fuel in the carburetor is consumed. This will prevent any residual fuel from gumming up and possibly resulting in a clog.
  • Spray a light mist of fine penetrating oil or water displacement product into the intake while cranking the engine. This provides a fine oil film on the intake valves and cylinders and provides some corrosion protection.
  • Flush the coolant as old coolant can corrode the cooling system, heater core and engine.
  • If the vehicle storage area is unheated, remove the battery and store in a warm, dry place. A trickle charger or periodic top off of the charge will help keep the battery in good shape.
  • Tape closed the exhaust and place a deterrent like mothballs in the car to prevent the possibility of rodents nesting over winter.
  • Support the car on jack stands to help prevent flat spotting the tires. Another option is to somewhat over-inflate them for winter storage.
  • A good car cover will help keep of dust and prevent incidental scratches while in storage.

Once the warm weather and clear roads come again, your ride will be in top shape for another season.

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Jon Davis Sun Dec 16, 01:16 PM

A few years back I used to take for granted storage. Just parking the car in my fathers barn, sometimes I go so far as to cover it with a tarp. But I learned the hard way as corrosion got the underbelly pretty bad and had a mouse problem in the interior, all in the same winter!


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