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The terrorists have basically won (though most won't admit it). They have scared people, understandably, and due to the knee jerk reaction of politicians, their desire to be seen as saviours, and the ulterior motives of those who benefit by restrictions have forever changed the way of life in previously free and easy democratic societies.

Never in its varied history, even in the days of rampant McCarthyism, have western democracies been closer to being police states. As some examples - public surveillance cameras, domestic satellite surveillance, wiretapping without warrant, secret courts, detention without hearing, curtailment of civil rights, etc.

The free, open way of life our parents, grandparents and their predecessors worked for, fought for and died for has been stolen away by the fear and power grasping of those with their own agendas. Once lost it is well nigh impossible to regain.

Sorry if I've gotten on a soap box but I have heard so much of this BS today that I'm sick of it, no offense. To make it worse - the majority of terrorist attack claims are backed by vague statements and basically anonymous tips are used to justify what might be considered a subtle oppression.

It would nice if they (the governments) actually KNEW something before throwing a hemisphere into periodic panic. Of course then they couldn't justify turning 3/4 of the “free” world into even more of a virtual police state. I sometimes wonder which is worse - physical terrorists or governmental ones.

One U.S. group called Downsize DC seems to be fighting back against the ever expanding allocation of government power over the populace. Whatever their politics, they seem on the right track at least.

Good related reads are two articles, What the Terrorists Want and Refuse to be Terrorized, by Bruce Schneier.

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