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A friend recently asked if I knew a way to get a stain off a stone countertop. Being a bit of a pack rat for information, I remembered I had a table I clipped from a magazine some time ago that had various solvents for various stains on stone. The list below is derived from that clipping.

To clean stains off stone you need to lift the contaminant with an appropriate chemical solvent and a powder poultice. When placed on a stain, the solvent dissolves the stain and the powder absorbs it away from the stone surface.

The powder for use in the poultice should be available at most places that sell stone and tile. You'll likely be better off using the kind that are not premixed with the solvent, and that are iron free. Choose your solvent from the list below, based on the type of stain.

BeerHydrogen PeroxideBloodAmmoniaChocolateAmmonia
CoffeeHydrogen PeroxideCooking OilsAlkaline DegreaserFruit JuiceHydrogen Peroxide
Ice CreamMineral SpiritsKool-AidAmmoniaLiquorToluene
CosmeticsDenatured AlcoholMilkChlorine BleachMustardHydrogen Peroxide
RustIron RemoverSmokeHydrogen PeroxideSoft DrinksHydrogen Peroxide
Soy SauceAcetoneSyrupAmmoniaTeaHydrogen Peroxide
Tomato SauceHydrogen PeroxideWineHydrogen PeroxideWorcestershire SauceAcetone

Source: Stain Removal Guide for Stone, Tile & Concrete by Frederick M. Hueston

The following steps should be followed in order after choosing the appropriate solvent:

  1. Clean the stained area with water and a pH neutral stone soap. Blot (don’t wipe) the area dry and remoisten with a bit of distilled water.
  2. Mix the chosen solvent into the poultice powder to make a paste with the consistency of peanut butter. Apply a layer of poultice approximately a quarter of an inch thick to the stain, overlapping the edges of the stain by about an inch.
  3. Cover the poultice with plastic food wrap or a plastic food bag and tape the edges down with blue, low-contact masking tape, and allow the poultice to stand for twelve to twenty-four hours.
  4. Remove the plastic and let the poultice continue to air dry. Once it is completely dry, gently scrape the poultice off, discard it and rinse the area with distilled water.
  5. If the stain is gone, then let the stone dry thoroughly and apply a sealer to prevent further staining. If any of the stain remains, repeat the poultice process. If the stain remains after three or four attempts, call a specialist or professional in stone maintenance.

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