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While looking through some papers I found a small article that listed how the various Canadian provinces came by their names. While some I remembered others were a “learning again” experience. For your edification, and perhaps education, the list is as follows:

  • Nova Scotia - Latin for New Scotland
  • Newfoundland - From King Henry VII of England’s reference to John Cabot’s discovery in the “New World” as New Found Luanda
  • Prince Edward Island - Named after the son of King George III of England who was Commander-In-Chief of British North America at the time.
  • New Brunswick - Named in honour of the reigning monarch at the time, King George III of England, Duke of Brunswick
  • Québec - From the Algonquin word kebek, meaning narrow passage
  • Ontario - From the Huron words onitari meaning lake and io meaning beautiful
  • Manitoba - From the Cree Manitou bou meaning narrows of the Great Spirit
  • Saskatchewan - Named after the Saskatchewan River, from the Cree kisiskatchewanisipi meaning swift flowing river
  • Alberta - Named in honour of Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta
  • British Columbia - Chosen by Queen Victoria to replace the original New Caledonia in the north and Columbia in the south
  • Yukon - From the Loucheaux native word yuchoo meaning great river
  • Nunavut - Named after the Inuit word for our land
  • Northwest Territories - Named for their geographical location relative to the rest of the country

Some time when I’m either ambitious or bored (hard to tell the difference occasionally) I’ll have a go at ferreting out the derivation for the names of the States in the United States of America.

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