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Well Apple makes the news again with its iPhone.

When introduced, Apple made news, and disgruntled customers, by tying the iPhone to a single carrier, AT&T. The ever resilient hobbiest community soon found, much to Apple’s annoyance, a way to unlock the iPhone from a single carrier, and how to physically change its SIM card. Apples response was to issue a patch that while it fixed various vulnerabilities in the iPhone, also disabled any that had been unblocked by their owners.

Associated Press reported last week that Apple was limiting the purchases to two devices per purchaser. This in some attempt to stop people unblocking and reselling the iPhone. If this is occuring on such a widespread basis then maybe Apple should wake up to where their market really is, or rather could be.

But now, in what is sure to fuel even more sentiment against the company, if not its product, Apple has directed its retailers to only allow users to purchase them with credit or debit cards — no cash. If you use cash for most of your transactions, or don’t believe in credit cards, you’re out of luck if you want an iPhone. That or get a friend to buy it for you and transfer ownership.

This latest gambit is to permit Apple to track who purchases the phones, apparently in an attempt to prevent people from purchasing and then unlocking and reselling them. Again is no one at Apple awake? If this has reached that kind of a level imagine the market share and sales Apple are deliberately cutting themselves off from enjoying.

One analyst has estimated that unlocked phones are costing Apple over $4.5 million dollars in revenue due to the fact that they are believed to receive $18 per iPhone per month from AT&T Wireless. Of course had they made the iPhone carrier neutral and stopped with the draconian “buy it the way we want, use it the way we want” attitude, they would probably make more than they currently are, even if there were no “lost revenues”.

Imagine buying a computer and then being told you can only buy it with a credit card so we can track ownership, and you can only use this software on it, oh and you can only connect via this ISP with it. What’s next for Apple — determining who you can and cannot list in your calling list?

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