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Amidst a major outcry over the proposed licencing scheme for Vista whereby you would need to purchase a new copy ofter two installs, Microsoft has backpedalled and said it will release Vista under the same terms for installation as XP. While claiming it is listening to its customers — whom it plainly doesn’t trust — it’s listening more to the possibility of a reduced bottom line as the more tech savvy stay away from Vista in droves, and more importantly recommend to those who rely on them for information to do the same.

While this may seem like a good move, it doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft has revealed its inherent view of its customers. And we have a long memory.

At the same time, continuing its open source assault while making it appear to be a rear guard action, Microsoft announced a partnership for interoperability with Novell SuSE Linux.

Those of us who have been around through the growth of Microsoft from obscurity to market dominance are only too aware that Microsoft pays little attention to interoperability with competeing products unless it can leverage it to its own advantage rather than a benefit to customers.

In this case a careful reading of an interview with Steve Ballmer clearly shows the goal of Microsoft is an enterprise Linux distribution it can gain a measure of control over and then threaten corporate blackmail to try and kill off any competitors.

This is the same strategy SCO tried to use to bludgeon licencing fees out of Linux users by implying they may get sued if they don’t play ball. I wonder who thought of it first?

Given the primarily enterprise focus of SuSE, Novell’s corporate attitude, and its past relationship with Microsoft in working with NetWare interoperability, it is a natural candidate for such a “fifth column” campaign — as a frontal assault has failed dismally.

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