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While much discussion has occured surrounding the general inability to prevent cyberattacks, the addition of new technology at best impede attackers and forces them to find other approaches. A recently approved ISO specification may help some organizations.

ISO 27001, approved last October, replaces the British Standard 7799-2 as a protocol to help companies pass security audits. Those certified under it, have the structures in place to respond quickly to potential security problems.

It is interesting to note that of the over 2500 organizations and businesses worldwide that are certified under BS-7799-2 or ISO 27001, there are only about 120 that operate in the United States. Given the high emphasis on cyber-security in recent years this is surprising. Certification can not only help define an organizations infrastructure, it can also help an organization in obtaining cyber-security insurance, which would pay out if there were data theft, denial of service attack, or other costly intrusion. To qualify for such insurance, companies must demonstrate they have security measures, policies and processes in place.

Of course certifications won't help predict the next software bug, program exploit, or the ability of an attacker to take advantage of same. ISO certification can also be expensive. What standards do though is provide a base, a foundation upon which a company can organiza it's security strategies so that personnel know what to do when a problem arises. Setting up security structure to address specific problems can provide a potentially greater return, but for companies that can afford the price tag and the time, standards certification can provide a structured framework for the unforeseen.

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