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In a day and age where unsolicited e-mail is a rampant problem, there are those who create and distribute some very interesting and useful opt-in e-mail newsletters and mailing lists. If you, or your organization is planning on starting such a newsletter, or even if you have one you would like to rejuvenate, the following tips should help you get started.

  1. Content is king. Saving explicit details for your website while providing a summary in the newsletter is fine, but there has to be useful content in the newsletter as well or people will stop reading it and unsubscribe. Provide a URL for each appropriate item to make accessing the relevant part of your web site easy.
  2. Make it concise. People tend to be busy these days and time is at a premium. Long newsletters typically get put aside to be read later, but if enough old issues stack up folks generally just unsubscribe. Shorter pieces (four pages or less) get read much more frequently).
  3. Design for scannability. As stated previously time is generally at a premium so design accordingly. Present information in a prompt straightforward, quickly digested manner. Set line lengths to 70 characters or less to prevent awkward line wrappings or lines uncomfortably long to read. Set separate items apart with bullets, white space, capitals, asterisks, etc.
  4. Refine the content. Headlines matter. Each issue should have a new headline, and it should stand out. Also include time-sensitive information (news, etc.) so readers will want to open the newsletter as soon as possible. Also include reference material so they will want to save it for later.
  5. Embed any commerce. This one is a bit controversial. If this is a commercial newsletter advertising content of some sort is more or less expected. Surround the ads or offers however, within the newsletter itself. Advertisements at the beginning of e-mails generally results in their deletion, unread. Also include incentives such as contests, puzzles, etc. that will appeal to a reader’s self-interest. Advertising goes over less well in a non-profict or “recreational” newsletter so plan accordingly.

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