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As the opening of the Winter Olympics in British Columbia near, one can’t help but consider how they reflect upon the society and political arena in which they take place.

Canada is, purportedly, one of the most accepting, liberal (small ell), and enlightened countries in the world. This might be hard to tell from some of the goings-on in Vancouver surrounding the Olympic Games.

Let’s have a look at some of the occurances and ask how proud we can be of such obviously greed an power inspired actions:

  • homeless and destitute persons are shuffled around and swept off the visible streets like so much garbage as they might produce a less than idyllic aesthetic.
  • those who have a legal right to protest are shunted into special areas out of site and hearing of those to whom they wish to get their message across (Sounds like a certain repressive Asian communist regime).
  • deny people the right to protest or express negative opinions publicly either on their own property or even within their homes if the sign is visible to the public (as in a window). Not only isn't negative opinion allowed to eb displayed, it appears the city has given the police the right to enter such dwellings without warrant to remove such signs. Welcome to the Police State of Vancouver.

And now it seems, businesses (most noticeably in the hospitality industry) are adopting two-tier pricing; one for residents and one for visitors in a greedy cash grab. A recent news report has also indicated that due to lack of payment to a supplier, over $3,000,000 worth of pre-sold tickets will not be available to their purchasers and will NOT be refunded.

I won't even comment on the questionable wisdom of having the winter Olympics in a climate as mild and uncertain as that on the west coast (or even the east coast) of Canada where the winter weather can change rapidly and often be spring-like (especially in the west) more often than not. Or the use of professional athletes in a supposedly amateur competition.

While I'm as patriotic if not more so, than the average Canadian, these “quirks” (and there are undoubtedly many others) are sufficient to illustrate how deplorable government and business can behave - even in such a country as ours. While I can wish our athletes, and all amateur athletes, who compete well, I cannot with good conscience support those who would abuse the citizenry in this manner in order to garner the proverbial “15 minutes of fame” and the revenues that accompany them.

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