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Well, just when I though politicians couldn’t surprise me anymore with their idiocy, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion will not run a Liberal candidate against Green party Leader Elizabeth May in the next federal election. According to a story published by the CBC, the leaders are set to announce that have agreed not to run a candidate in each other’s riding. In the past, Liberal Party members have disparaged other parties for not being national parties (the criteria for a national party is to run candidates in all 308 ridings in Canada). As of this deal, only the New Democratic Party and the Conservative Party fill this requirement, the Liberal Party is no longer a national party.

This country has a wonderful history, and traditions but this agreement makes a mockery of our federal political institution and shows little regard for democratic process and the electorate. The decision on who gets to sit in the Parliament and represent the citizens and residents of this country is made by the voting public, not by committees, caucuses, or party leaders. This deal just shows the blatant self-interest and the general disregard that politicians increasingly seem to have for the public, and for the integrity of the positions for which they strive with such single-mindedness.

Frankly, I don’t care which parties are involved. This type of wheeling and dealing with the right to choose of the voting public by deliberately manipulating their available options is at best unethical and socially immoral. And if it isn’t illegal it should be. While it is every party’s right to run or not run a candidate in a particular riding, this type of deal deliberately, and improperly denies the voters of ridings the freedom of choice of who represents them and is no better than vote buying or ballot box stuffing.

As with all things political, this is only one voter’s opinion . . . but there are a lot of us out here with similar opinions

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