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Once again the unbalanced right in the United States are indulging in a favorite pastime — making Canada out to be a semi-communist Third World home of yokels who don’t properly appreciate what the the great government of the United States has done for them.

Most have heard the references to “Soviet Canuckistan” from the hucksters, er - great minds at Fox News though anyone with minimal brain functions don’t take them seriously. While this sort of sneering bigotry isn’t going to stop anytime soon, though after the next election we may well be hearing less of it from the White House.

Canadian shouldn’t feel alone though. They tend to do it to anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view du jour, whether it is Canadians, French, Germans, Belgians or even fellow Americans. As another journalist has remarked, I suppose we should be grateful they are just calling us names and aren’t locking us up or shooting at us . . . wait a sec, they have done both!

The latest, and more subtle rhetoric, is the American copyright folks complaining that we Canadians have outdated copyright laws. Supposedly we are a den of movie bootleggers, software pirates and manufacturers of copyright avoiding hardware devices and should be added to an international blacklist of international offenders against property rights.

A study conducted by AT&T in 2003 found that 77 percent of pirated movie copies are made by industry insiders. The rare bootleg copy made by recording a movie in a theatre with a camcorder are of such poor quality they are of little interest to anyone once the movie is available to buy on DVD. The lobby group, The International Intellectual Property Alliance listed 45 counties it considers “offenders” of which it singled out 16 as its worst — including Canada. These groups should set their own houses in order before pointing the finger a other folks.

Of course what all this rhetoric actually shows, is that this group wants all countries to follow what it thinks laws should be, and wants the United States government to throw its weight around to get what it wants. Saying that countries such as Canada don't have modern copyright laws is just their way of saying we don’t have the draconian provisions such as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, that has even been called into legal question in the United States for going too far.

Laws regarding intellectual property have in recent years, especially in the United States, gone far beyond their original purpose to ensure a reasonable return for creators and protecting their work from fraudlent attribution. Instead they have become a way for corporations to milk huge sums of money from a more or less passive and apathetic populace.

Those counties that have taken a balanced approach follow much closer the original intent of such legislation and should be congratulated for doing so. Corporate government is a multiheaded monster that needs to be curbed early and often. Unfortuantely for the United States it may be too late. For the rest of us there is still hope.

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