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The following is a list of analog, controller (hardware) based modems known to work with Linux systems. Note that this list is only for internal modems. This list is principally PCI as, with few exceptions, ISA modems are hardware based and work fine in a linux system. While there are a few software based ISA modems they are rare. Likewise almost any external RS232 serial port modem should work fine with Linux. There is great variation in USB modem compatibility which is not addressed in this list.

If anyone has gotten a parallel port modem to work please let me know. I have only encountered a couple of them and have never heard of one being used on Linux but anything is possible.

For information on software based modems ("winmodems") please check out LinModems.Org.

Disclaimer: All information is provided with no guarantee whatsoever. While it was correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of posting.

If you know of any other models or model numbers that should be added to the list please let me know at linmodems @

US Robotics / 3Com
  • Performance Pro (model# USR5610, USR5610B)
  • 56k FAX Modem (model# 3CP2977, 005687-03)
  • 56k Voice FAX Modem (model# 3CP2976)
  • Internet Gaming Modem (model# 3PC5613)
    Note: NOT the K56Flex model
  • Performance Fax Modem (model# 3PC5610)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPX-PCI)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPX-PCI-NV)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPX-PCI-U-NV)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPX-PCI-U)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPX)
  • MultiModem (model# MT5634ZPXe)
  • MultiModem (model# MT2834ZPXb)
  • MultiModem (model# MT2834ZPXIe-33)
  • 56K Call Waiting Modem (model# PCI56012-01CW)
  • 56K Data/Fax Modem (model# PCI56012/PM560LKI)
  • V92. Call Waiting Modem (model# PCIV9212-01CW)
Zoom Telephonics
  • 56K-PCI Plus Dualmodem (model# 2920-PC)
  • FaxModem 56K (model# 1125)
  • IBM V.90 56 Data/Fax Modem (model# 33L4618)
  • Archtek SmartLink SurfRider (model# 5634PCV)
  • Wellmodem Topic TP560i (model# FM-56PCI-TP)

List last updated January 28, 2004

Setting up a hardware based PCI modem in Linux

What follows are some basic instructions on getting a hardware based PCI modem working in Linux. A more detailed discussion will be available shortly but these steps should get you up and running. The procedure is similar for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.

1.) At a console prompt type "less /proc/pci". Scan the list until you find the modem communications controller section. It should identify by manufacturer as well as ID number.

2.) Write down the IRQ number associated with the modem device, and the memory I/O address. If there are more than one I/O addresses listed, the first is usually the one to pick.

3.) Exit less by typing "q" to return to the command line. Select a device to assign to the modem. Enter the following command replacing <comm> with the serial port you selected and <irq> and <port> the IRQ and I/O values you obtained in step 2.

setserial /dev/<comm> uart 16550A port <port> irq <irq>

4.) To avoid having to set the serial port parameters every time, you can edit the "/etc/serial.conf" file and set insert the details as per step 3 using the file format shown.

5.) Configure PPP and dialer to use the chosen tty.

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